CMP Benefits

ICAI Leadership

President, ICAI

CA. (Dr.) Debashis Mitra

President, ICAI
Chairman CMP, ICAI

CA. Prakash Sharma

Chairman CMP, ICAI
Vice-President, ICAI

CA. Aniket Sunil Talati

Vice-President, ICAI
Vice-chairman CMP, ICAI

CA. Purushottamlal
Hukamichand Khandelwal

Vice-chairman CMP, ICAI

Beneficiary Schemes for the Members of ICAI

Insurance Products

Software Products 

Practice Management Software for CA Practitioners & CA Firms

(Free of Cost for Members of ICAI)


Certificate Courses


Financial Services 

Healthcare Services



Electronics Products 


Initiatives of the Committee for Members in Practice (CMP), ICAI at a GLANCE Council Year: 2020-21

Revised Minimum Recommended Scale of Fees for the Professional Assignments done by the Chartered Accountants for Class ‘A’, Class ‘B’ & Class ‘C’ cities (11-02-2020)

Classification of cities for the same