SME Finance for Chartered Accountants under


 Salary to employees/ Overheads/ Expenses pertaining to office.
Term Loan:
 Purchase of Office Equipment, Computers, Fixtures Fixed assets/ Renovating office premises.
 For Construction of office premises on self-owned land/firm land/Promoter’s land.
 For acquisition of ready built new office premises on ownership basis.
Eligibility Minimum Age: 25 Years, Maximum Age: 65 years
 CA must have Certificate of Membership (CoM)/ Certificate of Practice (CoP) issued by ICAI. CoM/ CoP should be at least 5 years old.
 ITR for past 3 years should be available.
 The applicant must secure a minimum score of 50% as per score card under the scheme.
 Applicant must be registered as MSME in UDYAM portal
Loan amount Overdraft: Min: Rs. 2 Lakhs; Max. Rs.25 Lakhs.
 Term Loan: Min. Rs.2 Lakhs;
 Max: (i) Metros: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru: Rs. 100 Lakhs
 (ii) Other Centres: Max. Rs.75 Lakhs. (State Capital/ Urban Centres)
Assessment Overdraft: 25% of Gross Receipts of the Firm/ CA (Max. Rs.25 Lakhs.)
 Term Loan: 75% of the project cost.
Interest Rate  Overdraft : EBLR +2.50% ( Present Effective rate is 9.15%)
 Term Loan : EBLR + 2.00 % ( Present Effective rate 8.65%)
Primary Security Overdraft: Nil.
 Term Loan: Assets created out of bank finance.
Collateral Security Overdraft: Nil.
 Term Loan: Loan to be covered under CGTMSE
Personal Guarantee Applicable. Personal guarantee of promoter (s) to be taken
Repayment Period Overdraft: On demand.
 Term Loan: Repayable in 60 EMIs. (With maximum moratorium of 12 months).
Processing Fee Up to Rs. 10 lacs: Rs. 500 plus applicable taxes
 Above Rs. 10 lacs: Rs. 1000 plus applicable taxes

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